Cape Cod Bonsai Club

The design of your bonsai is only half of the objective. Keeping it alive is where horticultural science is critical. Each month at our meetings this report is given to our member to help them anticipate issues and opportunities for the coming month and season. Our present report comes from long time member Carol Ebreo. She has been a member of the club for over ten years. Our past reports have come from Mark Heinlein, Mike Novik, and Ray Perry.

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February care at this time: We still have six weeks of winter even though it is tempting to start pulling out trees. Keep trees mulched for even temperature as there is possible chance of hard freeze. You can sift soils for re-potting and pick out pot selection. Prune and wire pines and junipers. Check for wire marks from last season. Water needs become changed as temps this winter are all over the place.

This is a good time to photograph your trees for development and keeping track of date of re-pot, feeding, soil type etc. Looking forward to a fun season.

 Horticultural Report