Cape Cod Bonsai Club

The design of your bonsai is only half of the objective. Keeping it alive is where horticultural science is critical. Each month at our meetings this report is given to our member to help them anticipate issues and opportunities for the coming month and season. Our present report comes from long time member Carol Ebreo. She has been a member of the club for over ten years. Our past reports have come from Mark Heinlein, Mike Novik, and Ray Perry.

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Is it cold enough for you?! Don't worry, your trees will be fine. This was just a cold snap and won't last With the absence of leaves, their will be no photosynthesis and no activity in the organs. They have no need for light or fertilizer. This is the earliest I have put some of my trees away. My tropical trees are all in the house as of last week.

If leaves are still falling from trees, keep surfaces clean to avoid fungus and good air circulation will help. Look for wire that may be cut off before it cuts in. Older pine needles are yellowing should be removed with tweezers. Most deciduous trees will need to be protected from winds. Even some evergreens can be subject to freezing and high winds. Most of mine stay outside with shelter. It just saves me time to water plants that are not indoors all the time.

I have never had a problem with vermin but may have. They can cause havoc with your bonsai, so take precautions for the mice and rodents. They can girdle a trunk and cause damage beyond repair.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Carol Ebreo

 November Horticultural Report