Cape Cod Bonsai Club

The design of your bonsai is only half of the objective. Keeping it alive is where horticultural science is critical. Each month at our meetings this report is given to our member to help them anticipate issues and opportunities for the coming month and season. Our present report comes from long time member Carol Ebreo. She has been a member of the club for over ten years. Our past reports have come from Mark Heinlein, Mike Novik, and Ray Perry.

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Fall is coming and so is football! Time to get your trees ready for fall and winter.

Fertilizing is most important now. You want to use a low nitrogen and high phosphorus and potassium fertilizer for root growth and spring flowering. Try using organic fertilizer now.

Water needs are changing as nights are cooler and less evaporation is happening. Too much water can cause fungal disease and slugs will love it. You will see the soil is still wet in the mornings. Increase sunlight will give better fall color with deciduous trees.

Removing yellow needles form pines and white pines will shed old growth so don't panic if you see lots of needles fall off. They are just shedding. Remove leaves from soil surface and moss from trunks. Toothbrushes work very well for this without damaging the tree. Last but not least check wire for it bites into the wood of the tree. Start thinking about storage for trees in winter. Protection from wind but still having cold dormancy.

Carol Ebreo

 September Horticultural Report